Đăng Trường - Hoàng Oanh WEDDING VIDEO

Đăng Trường - Hoàng Oanh wedding ceremony

  • Groom - Bridal: Đăng Trường - Hoàng Oanh,
  • Photos and video took by: JustMarry Wedding Studio,

Let me remember:

The one who truly loves you will not let you lose you easily for any reason.

And people who are not sincere with you, even if you do nothing, people will find a reason to leave you. Because the man who really loves you, is the one who always tries to make you angry, then frantically tries to comfort you.

The one who every time I get angry and ask to break up, will hug me tightly and say "Don't go".

Rather than being silent for a long time, then saying, "I respect your decision. Finding someone who loves you is difficult, finding someone to truly trust you is even more difficult. So, if you've already met, don't rush to let go of my hand. The heart is sometimes not blind, it can feel the sincerity.

“May you find in your partner who cherishes and supports you, standing by your side through all of life's joys and challenges.”